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My Yahoo Group: Just for the Kid in Me



 A NEW group to share my INCREDIMAIL stats as I make them.
I started to make these and from the moment I tried I am totally addicted :-) (Sometimes I offer a stat or a tag for request plus share one of my tubes! You can get a tag or a header with your name on it.)
I only make INCREDIMAIL stats..If you are looking for some new Incredimail stats then click on the link above.

Some weeks I make one every day :) other weeks I may not make any :( You will never see Satanic, Adult or Goth.
I tend to do animated cute and silly stats .
Some have the scroll box text and or sparkly cursor. Once in awhile a few serious ones.
It is an electric mix. There is something for everyone here. I look forward to having you here..I appreciate you liking my creations enough to join.