.::About Me::.

Thanks for visiting my web page.

If you're still a kid at heart then this is the place to be!

This is my first attempt at doing a web page so please be patient....

I started messing around with graphics about 5 years ago and then found the Addictive Incredimail!
I love making animations-tags and IM letters.
I recently learned how to do the scrolling and expanded letters so I am totally hooked on that now!
About a year ago I learned how to scan-color and tube graphics. I have much to learn in that area though.
On each side, you will find links to my Incredimail Letters and tubes.
All the letters are animated one way or another. There are scrolling ones-cursor effects- or just fun headers.
Almost all of them are cartoonish or just plain silly!
Once in awhile I get serious so they are a few of them. So get prepared to bring The Kid Out In You!!